Getting back on track

All contacts with health care are especially troublesome if you have a multi-diagnosis where you have specialists connected to each disease. You have no one who can see the overall picture, and who might be able to see how illnesses and medications may affect each other and your general condition. My beliefe is that in cases like this, you really need a steady house doctor who can connect the dots.
My view is that most people have had a poor health care contact at some point in their lives, maybe several, and I note that most of us with some kind of chronic condition have met an ignorant, rude or blasé doctor more than a couple of times.That’s at least what I can see when I'm reading blogs within the chronic illness community. 
So when you suddenly meet a doctor with an attitude that is exactly the opposite, you are totally taken by surprise. What the actual fcuk…?
Here you go in with a confrontational attitude and have prepared yourself to have to defend your health issues, and …


…is something I think about from time to time, mostly when I have a bad conscience myself, because when you talk about conscience it is usually a bad one, but it can mean so much more.

Consciousness is partly innate but also learned. The feeling of values and having the ability to decide what is right or wrong, or to feel guilty… and right there the bad conscience enters. All that one should have done or not done, as one should have said or not said….

When you see all the hatred and all the rudeness that occurs on the net, you wonder if those who have grown up in the past few decades have learned something about values and what is right or wrong, and that which is innate, e.g. guilt, has been displaced somewhere at the back of the cerebral cortex.

Conscience is also strongly linked to the ability to feel empathy, ie to care and be able to understand someone else's feelings or situation without interfering with their own feelings and opinions. But even the empathic ability see…

Expectation and quality

Blogging, or writing in any way, is very therapeutic, especially if you’re somewhat isolated due to issues with your health. That’s one of the main reasons why I blog, and I’m aware of that the quality of my posts varies a lot because of how I feel both physically and mentally, and that's okay by me. It's how my life is, and that's what I'm writing about, both ups and downs and with a pervasive theme of boredom even though I try to tackle life with humour.

I also know that lack of a certain quality can make some readers disappear.
But it’s all about what one prefers and ones expectations.

When I find a blog that seems interesting, I go directly to the “About” part to get an idea what kind of blog it is. That way I won’t get disappointed. I’m not that interested in blogs with a too medical or serious approach or a bland and shallow content. I really like to read about more personal stuff and thoughts, and the daily life of someone in a similar situation as myself, to …


It's a struggle to be a part of the social debate today because you really have to think both two or more times about each statement you make in order not to unknowingly offend anyone.

One must also take into account that the statement cannot be regarded as the least racist, homophobic, islamophobic, antisemitic, sexist, misogynist or otherwise offensive to any individual, gender, grouping or religion, and if one has something critical to say one must absolutely not generalize.

We have become the easily offended and overly-emotional people, aka snowflakes. Some may prefer to call ourselves the conscious and politically correct people, but anyhow, benevolence and righteousness can easily go to exaggeration and instead turn into absurdities. 
If we do not distinguish between deliberate violations and just thoughtless words, the conversation climate becomes unbearable. That being said, I do not mean that the unintentional violations may pass unnoticed, but the sender should not be …

Sweet Tooth

Having a sweet tooth is especially troublesome if you are diabetic. Even if you have become accustomed to avoid sweets, the craving for something really sweet and yummy can suddenly come up. It doesn't happen very often for my own part, but I have diabetic friends who find it hard to resist.

There are even people who claim to be chronically sugar addicted, and sugar do in fact affect endorphins and dopamines in the brain, but one cannot become addicted in the sense that what one would call a regular abuse.

But what do you do as a diabetic when this huge craving strikes?

Well, you can always buy sugar-free sweets, chocolate or similar, but you can also fix something yourself if you always have some simple ingredients at home

It may not sound like much to the world, but sugar-free juice for example, like Fun Light, can do wonders to cottage cheese and turkish yogurt. Mix out the concentrate with any dairy product and there you have a creamy and fruity dessert which can be advantage…

Chronically ill 24/7

When you're diagnosed with a chronic disease it makes an impact on your life. It could make a big difference or just demand some minor adjustments but the bottom line is that it changes your life for ever. I know it did for me, and not only once but several times.

If your diagnosis comes with chronic pain, your life will be deeply affected. Not just by the pain itself, but with the energy loss that's one of the side effects. There's of course different kinds of pain but it doesn't matter how mild it is when it's constantly there.

Yes, you get used to it, but it never stops draining you on energy. You're constantly tired and even more so since you often can't sleep because of the pains. It’s the vicious circle of chronic pain. Just the thought of suffering some kind of pain 24/7 for the rest of your life since there is no cure is tiring, if not unbearably depressing.

You are of course allowed to feel sad and depressed, but you don’t want it to go too far, yo…

The good egoism

The word egoism certainly sounds negative. It means selfishness and self-absorption and is a direct contradiction to solidarity and compassion for others.

I often use the word in conjunction with descriptions of the hatred and violence trends that are creeping in everywhere in the social debate. People who shut down their empathic capacity and build a wall of selfishness against the world, the society and their fellowman, who designate scapegoats, generalize and who only have their own best interests in mind.

But there is also good and useful selfishness. My own life situation has taught me that. This means that in a difficult situation, such as in my case a multi-diagnosis dominated by chronic pain, one must sometimes be a bit of a narcissist and just care about oneself.

To be able to reduce the demands at work, at home and in social life. Being able to say "no" and "I can't" without being ashamed. To prioritize rest and one's own time instead of a high…

When the cracks attacks

When I see advertising for anti-wrinkle creams, I begin to think of all the women who claim themselves to be positive about wrinkles. "I am proud of my wrinkles, they prove that I have lived a life with much joy and laughter." Not to mention all quotes that are posted on social media with happy comments such as "Confident women embrace their wrinkles" etc.

Well, ehmm ... okay ... it sounds great and fantastic, but is it really the feeling when the cute laughing lines begin to look like ditches in your face? I don't think so. Who wants one's face to look like a detailed map of South America's river system…?

Honestly girls, do we not want us to stay smooth and wrinkle-free for life? Retaining the rosy and fresh skin we had as teenagers, minus the acne of course. I know, I wouldn't mind. It is pretty much the same as when the first gray hairs start to show up, we don't smile and feel proud of it. No, we are rushing down to the mall buying hair c…

Easy bargains and heavy decisions

I like to shop, what girl doesn't? But I love to shop at flea markets and second-hand, partly because I hate to see perfectly usable stuff go to waste, and partly because I really like the retro- and vintage style, and it’s also fun to use a little DIY in the sense of remodel or to give things a new and totally different purpose.

Once in awhile you really need something but can't afford to buy it new, and when you then find it at a flea market for almost nothing it’s like winning the lottery, like me, this week.
I’ve needed a new sofa because my old one was, besides just old and slumped, damaged by the fire incident that happened 6 months ago.
I went to the local flea market and found a really nice and very comfortable one that seemed almost new, and I got it very cheap too. Yey!

So there I was, looking forward to just strolling around on different flea markets without any particular purpose the rest of my holiday, making insanely cheap bargains of course, but something re…